Thursday, February 7, 2008


Happiness.. :-) ... its the ultimate truth of life ... and yes I can go places to attain it ... !!!

We all are cloaked individuals ... with an artificial mask put on ... which is our persona...ofcourse for these faux mortals around ... :P ... that includes me too ...

This is where the primal constituent of profiling originates from ...
All these 'someones' have meliorated to such an extent ... that ... they keep on changing their mask ... as and when required ... ofcourse to represent their best possible character at that point of time.
Moreover we tend to impersonate that character which suits the situation or which changes according to the circumstances. Now , again this can be intentional or non-intentional ... and we cannot generalize on this aspect ... since there are a set of people who are genuinely fake.

Profiling has its own pros and cons. But as said before ... in this pseudo world its difficult to institute yourself without keeping profiles. :) Its a fact and all of us are well aware of this.

Now , there are 'somebodies' in this existence who somehow claim that they exhibit the only character or precisely the 'profile' they keep. With due respect to all such souls ... :) ... i'd like to assert that they're falsifying!!! . Come on ... we're not chumps for godsake :) ... ok ... but... there might be some exceptions...:)(very few pls).

Our life can be categorized based on the people we interact with. Personal , professional can be probably be one of the few categories :). Now .. heres a twist ... and something like sub-profiles can come into existence ... for eg .. consider the profile to be personal ... here we'll be interacting with quite a few souls ... a few who can be considered pretty close to us , a few who we feel should be close ;) ... and a the rest 'exist' in order to equilibrate the instability caused by the former few :P. Its an overt fact that we portray three different profiles for the above mentioned groups. Examining ourselves shouldnt be difficult ... right ? :-).

A simple 'smile' can exemplify the diverse profiles a person keeps.

We people have got an amazing quality of switching our profiles ... and the best part is that this is automated :P .

Each of our profile consists of attributes associated to it . Some of the attributes are common to some of the profiles as in ... ... an attribute 'x' would be present in multiple profiles . Attribute here is the trait of an individual. This again can be examined by an individual.
This can be elaborated as there are diverse profiles exhibited by ppl ... and each profile would have a different feel altogether.
More to come ..... :))
Dreamz Unlimited!

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